Always minimize, compress or just don't send

Many people new to the Internet do not realize how large documents, graphics or photo files are. Some are large enough to fill someone's email box and cause their other mail to bounce! Get in the habit of compressing anything over 100,000 bytes. (You can view file sizes in Windows Explorer. Simply right click on the file name and choose properties.) Check out WinZip for these purposes. Do not send unannounced large attachments to others because you think that photo or file is cute or cool or neat. Even when sending business files, always compress and ask permission first!

Believe it or not, some people are still using dial-up connections and aren't on a 10MB download package like you. So what takes you 20 seconds to get an email attachment of a song from your friend, will take someone on a dialup almost 8 minutes to receive that same song from you. If they weren't expecting it, they will think there computer has gone down or hung up. YOur best bet is to let them know you are going to send them the file, make sure they want it, then compress it first. If you do not want to compress the files, learn how to make them smaller with certain software. You could also learn how to use web sites that allow you to upload files for viewing.