What software do I need for WebMgr?

WebMgr is a Web-based application. In other words all you need to build your Web site is access to the Internet and your browser.

We have found that most clients will purchase two basic software packages to assist in preparation of content for their sites.

The first of these packages is Adobe Acrobat for the conversion of Word, Excel, Quark or PageMaker files to a Portable Document Format, or PDF, file. Adobe Acrobat is available for purchase in multiple online and retail locations and should cost approximately $200.00.

The second software package we find useful for clients is Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. This is considerable easier and less expensive that the full fledged Adobe Photoshop, and it will provide you all of the capabilities needed to prepare images for inclusion in your Web site. You can find this software any most computer or retail outlets for approximately $79.00.

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David G. Moore, Jr.

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