Friendly SPAM

A good bit of SPAM comes from friends and family sending the lastest chain e-mail or the absolutely funniest e-mail they have ever seen about Rednecks, big wheels, and Jolt.

Avoid begginner mistakes. If you are new to e-mail, raise your right hand and repeat after me:

  1. "I will not forward or send any jokes, 'chain letters' or unimportant emails to my friends, family and colleagues without their permission."
  2. "I understand that by doing so I may fill up their in box, use others resources unnecessarily and cause important e-mail to bounce while at the same time waisting precious time."
  3. "I understand that most people have seen these e-mails several times by now and find them very annoying."
  4. "I know that by forwarding these so-called humorous e-mails may offend or upset people who do not share my sense of humor or politics."
Now you will no longer be tempted to forward jokes or other frivolous e-mails! And, you will avoid looking silly and uninformed in the process. Read them if you must then hit delete. Besides, you don't really believe those e-mails that state you will receive money in the mail if you send it to ten of your friends.