Business Email Solution

Effective SPAM & Virus Protection

Intelligent Spam/Phish/Spyware Filtering
Intelligent filters identify and quarantine threats based on each message's overall profile in the 5 major categories of origination, routing, construction, communication and content.

Comprehensive Anti-Virus protection
Declude® constantly monitors and updates multiple scanning engines and definition databases to ensure complete Email virus protection. In addition, Declude® detects and halts all Email vulnerabilities from infiltrating the network using a proprietry scanning technique.

Nothing to Install or Maintain, No Users to Train

Since SmarterMail® with Declude® is a completely managed service, you don't have the hassle of dealing with network email servers or spam and anti-virus software. Plus, your staff will continue to use the same email software they're used to so no new training is required.

Just $29.95 per month*



UpstateWeb LLC
E-mail Contact

For organizations that operate an on-site e-mail server, like an Exchange™ Server. We will accept all incoming mail for your domain, process it for SPAM & Viruses, and forward that mail on to your SMTP mail server for distribution to your user’s email boxes. No software to maintain or download. We do all the work. This service is provided by our business parter, UpstateITS.