How to Use SmarterMail Junk E-Mail

Fighting SPAM and Viruses is a never ending task. Fortunately we have added several new SPAM fighting tools that should help reduce unwanted email drastically. We look at each email that comes in and give it a 'weight' to determine if it is Good email, most likely SPAM, or definately SPAM. Here are the steps we take to determine if your email is SPAM.

  1. Email that might be SPAM or could be legitimate is tagged with SPAM-LOW and delivered to you.
  2. Email that is definetly SPAM is marked as SPAM-HIGH and deleted.
  3. Email that is most likely SPAM is marked as SPAM-MED and placed in your online Junk Email folder.

While over 99% of SPAM-MED email is realy SPAM, some 'wanted' email may be caught and stored here. So, if you are expected an email and didn't get it, we suggest you check this folder first. Here are the steps for checking your Junk Mail folder and adding legitimate email to your Whitelist to make sure the email is delivered from now on.

  1. Just log into your online SmarterMail account (see Checking Your SmarterMail), and select your Junk Mail folder

  2. Check the box next to the emails that are NOT SPAM.

    SmarterMail Set Up

  3. Roll over the word "Action" until a drop down appears.

    SmarterMail Interface

  4. From the drop down menu, select "Unmark as Spam". This will move the email to your Inbox for delivery and also add the email address to a Whitelist so that it will not be marked as SPAM in the future.

    SmarterMail Junk Email
  5. For more advanced features and settings, click the help icon or contact us.