How to Check Your E-mail Online

If your email is being hosted by UpstateWeb, there are several ways to check your email online. We offer this as a convenient way to easily check your email while out of the office, on vacation, or from any place you can get internet connection.

Email IconMost of the websites developed by UpstateWeb have an icon on the bottom right hand corner of their website that allows you access to he online email web portal. If not, you can visit and look for the same icon on the bottom right corner of the page.

NOTE: Before you click on the link, it's important that you turn off all Pop-up blockers for your website or for the online email portal to work.

  1. Click on the icon to open to open the Email Web Portal. Enter your full email address and password, then Login.


  2. Select the appropriate time zone and leave the other selections as they are. Click the Save icon in the top left corner of the insert.

    SmarterMail Set Up

  3. From here, you will be able to see and check your email online. This is the same email that will be downloaded to your Outlook account.

    NOTE: We recommend you do not delete email here, but allow the settings in your Outlook account to handle this. If you do not see any email here, but know you have received email, you should check your Email Account Settings.

    SmarterMail Interface

  4. Once you have finished checking your email, make sure to click the Logout link.

  5. For more advanced features and settings, click the help icon or contact us.