Content Managed Web Hosting

If you would like to take control of the content on your website, you need WebMgr!

We understand that the most important aspect of your website is the content. That's why we built WebMgr. To provide small businesses and organizations with a way to easily add, edit, and delete content from their websites.

No software needed. No Webmaster to call. No technical skills required.

Whether you already have a website or need one custom designed, WebMgr easily integrates with any website. We even work with agencies and designers to make any creation come to life with content control as a part of the plan.

WebMgr Hosting starts at just $24.95 a month

There is a one time set-up fee for WebMgr integration. Cost factors are based on complexity of the website including things like, e-commerce, dynamic custom forms, and custom programming.

Content Widgets

It's the Extras that make WebMgr even more powerful. Content Widgets take the information you provide and format it so that you get a professional looking page. What's more, content widgets are absolutely FREE. The WebMgr even helps process images on your website correctly - formatting and making a thumbnail if needed. Here's more specifics:

Calendar Postings

Imagine a centralized calendar that's always up-to-date and always available to everyone! I know that the YMCA Spartaquatic Team would feel like fish out of water without the use of the Calendar on... more »

Case Studies

Case Studies are a very effective way to share insights into what you can do and what you have done to help others succeed, just ask The Elan Group. This specially designed content template allows you... more »

Classes & Training

From instant registration to automatic notifications, this content template gives you a powerful tool to post classes, training, or webinar information. It is programmed to track registrants for you,... more »

Concerts & Events

This content template allows you to share information about concerts or events in an easy to navigate list format. You can enter date(s), time(s), price, location, images, and general information as... more »


This is a very simple but effective way to allow visitors to download and read documents in a PDF, Word, or Excel formats. Select this content template if you have a document or several you want to... more »

Donations & Contribution

Many organizations have a need to receive donations or accept contributions. Well, we have two very easy to use content templates that easily integrate to make it easy for you to do just that. Of... more »

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very powerful content template for Frequently Asked Questions. It allows visitors to view the most popular questions right from the start, search or browse for more, and even ask a question.... more »

Job Opportunities

Built for an Employment company, this content template can be used to accept applications and post job openings. Save money on placing ads in newspapers by directing potential job seekers to your... more »

Photo Albums

Use this effective and dynamic Content Template to post a photo album on your website. Complete with descriptions, three (3) different image sizes, categories, browsing, and much more. Just take a... more »

Press Releases

Keep your visitors up-to-date on what's going on with your company or organization with the latest information. Whether you send out real Press Releases or not, you can share them on your website in a... more »


Let visitors read all they great things people are saying about you! By using the Testimonials template, you can post comments, pictures, and even receive new testimonials from visitors to your web... more »

Video & Audio Files

Want to share audio or video files. No problem. Just browse and upload. The WebMgr™ will do the rest. OK, well almost. You will have to do a little work on the front end. You will need to make sure... more »

Website Links

This is probably the most used content template of all. It builds a link to external websites along with an image and short description. This is any and effective way to help visitors find other... more »