Content Managed Web Hosting


This is a very simple but effective way to allow visitors to download and read documents in a PDF, Word, or Excel formats. Select this content template if you have a document or several you want to share. The template will even provide the visitor with a link to a viewer for each document.

We have had clients use this to share training materials (Drug Free Culture), resource documents, (Economic Futures Group), newsletters (Piedmont Care), and a variety of other needs. Some have even used our system that password protects a page and used this to provide staff with employee only information.

However you may want to use it, the WebMgr™ makes it easy for you to simply browse and upload. The WebMgr™ will even identify what kind of document, place an icon next to it, share how large a file it is so visitors know how long it will take to download, and include an appropriate source for an application that will read the document if they don't already have one.

Now we just think that's just downright hospitable of us. Are you ready to get to work yet? Then give us a call at 864-237-2963.