Content Managed Web Hosting

Video & Audio Files

Want to share audio or video files. No problem. Just browse and upload. The WebMgr™ will do the rest. OK, well almost. You will have to do a little work on the front end. You will need to make sure they are compressed into a small file and are formatted for the web, but we will share with you some tips and help you are much as we can.

At least we will give you the tools to easily upload the files as we can. And we have built a really cool looking interface for your files to play on. Just check out ESPN 1400AM for the audio files. They use is to share Pod Casts of the shows. The only other thing is, as long as you don't chew up too much bandwidth, it will not cost you any more. We have budgeted each website hosting plan to allow for 5GB of transfer. We have yet to have anyone go over that, including ESPN 1400AM, so maybe you will not either.

The good news is, the WebMgr™ has a way for you to share those files as well. That's just good Southern hospitality if we do say so!