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Calendar Postings

Imagine a centralized calendar that's always up-to-date and always available to everyone! I know that the YMCA Spartaquatic Team would feel like fish out of water without the use of the Calendar on their website. During the day or week schedules can change, so this up-to-the-minute, dynamic calendar makes schedule modifications and communication a breeze.

The Calendar content template allows you to share information about events, meetings, seminars, and yes, even swim meets, in an easy to navigate Calendar format. You can enter date(s), time(s), price, location, images, and general information as well as upload documents the visitor can download. The Calendar content template will even build a dynamic map link so visitors can easily find the location.

From instant registration to automatic notifications, this content template gives you a powerful tool to post event information, accept online Credit Card payments, track registrants, bulk email participants with changes or reminders, and more. If you have events on a regular basis, this is the content template to use.

The only difference between this content template and the Event template is what it looks like on your website. They both offer the same great features and the power of the WebMgr™.