Content Managed Web Hosting

Press Releases

Keep your visitors up-to-date on what's going on with your company or organization with the latest information. Whether you send out real Press Releases or not, you can share them on your website in a snap with the WebMgr™. The Press Releases content template allows you to quickly post and publish up-to-the minute information.

You can even include a downloadable document with more details and include dynamic information for visitors to contact you by phone or email. With current and quality information, your website will become recognized as a great resource for current updates. In the future all you may need to do is just send out an email and say to visit your website for complete details. No more printing up all those documents, stuffing envelopes, and paying for postage.

With the WebMgr™, you will not only get your message out quickly - you will also save money and time!